Oludara Odunlami (England Rugby 7's)
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    Oludara made his England 7's debut in July 2019. His rapid progress through the England ranks put him in line for potential selection for the Tokyo 2020 Team GB squad. He is now looking ahead to the 2021 Olympics.

    1. How are you keeping fit during lockdown? (Have your coaches set you a program or do you get to decide?)

    The university of Bath rugby coaches have set a program which we at this stage have the option of doing, or of doing our own programme as long as we let them know what it is. So I'm doing my own right now, which is a combination of bodyweight exercises from the university fitness programme over the year and sprint and cardio work from a rough programme the England 7s coaches gave me a while back. Also I tend to play some basketball in the garden with my brother most days which also helps the cardio as it gets pretty competitive !


    2. What are you missing most during lockdown?

    Quite missing being on the university campus actually. First year at uni is something that most only get to experience once and it had been quite enjoyable before we all had to head home. So yeah I'd say university, the mates and the events, haha and to a lesser extent even some of the lectures.


    3. Which country (or place) do you most enjoy touring in rugby?

    I've actually only been to France, Poland and Spain for rugby this far. Of those, Poland with England 7s was a great time, but school tour to the south of France was probably the most fun I've had, enjoyed especially the beach (although I can't swim) and the fixture we played against Bayonne academy.

    4. Who is the best player you’ve played against? (Who did you struggle to stop?)

    Best player I've played against would probably be either Senatla from South Africa 7s or Jordan Conroy from Ireland 7s. I'll go with Conroy as I actually played the majority of a match opposite him and he did score against us on my wing. Also though played against Marcus Smith back at school when I was in year 11 and he was in year 13. He was class.

    5. Who’s the best player you’ve played on the same team as?

    Had some great teammates at school such as Femi Sofolarin and Sunni Jardine. Also was lucky to play with some top players back at Saracens such as Many Vunipola. But I'd have to say Dan Norton who I've played with a couple times for England 7s. Serious gas.

    6. What has been your favourite moment in your rugby career so far?

    Favourite moment so far has to be winning the national schools cup in 15s with Dulwich. Special mentions tho to making my England 7s debut or beating Sedbergh in the replay of the national 7s schools final at Twickenham (Editor comment: we were at Twickenham that day to watch the final).

    7. Who was your childhood idol?

    Wasn't into rugby until secondary school really, but am a big fan of Maro Itoje now. When I was younger probably would say Rio Ferdinand (I used to be a decent center back back in the day) or LeBron James as I'm also an NBA fan.

    8. What’s the first thing you are going to do when the lockdown restrictions are lifted?

    Get a haircut.