Jacob Lachina (USA Rugby 7's)

Jacob Lachina.jpg

Jacob made his USA 7's debut at the Pan American games in 2019. He captained the Army West Point men's rugby team during the 2017/18 season and was a two-time All-Rugby East player, as well as a two-time USA Rugby All-American Honorable Mention recipient. He posted 22 career tries during his Army 7's career, including a career high four against Notre Dame during the 2017 season at the West Point 7s Invitational.  

1. How are you keeping fit and busy during lockdown? 

I am keeping fit through a body weight program that my strength and conditioning coach sent me.

2. What are you missing most during lockdown?

I miss hanging out with my friends and going out to restaurants. I took for granted the relaxed nature of how things used to be compared to how they are now. No more shaking hands or hugs, it’s really an odd time.

3. Which country (or place) do you most enjoy touring?

I think my favorite trip thus far has been Munich, Germany. We played in the 2019 Oktoberfest 7's and afterwards, we got to attend the Oktoberfest Festival with the other teams! Germany was full of culture and amazing people.

4. Who is the best player you played against?

When I played for the Jesters in Dubai, we played South Africa Academy. On the team was someone I aspired to be like, Werner Kok. He was fast, incredible in contact, and after the game, he was a class act and shook each of our hands and was extremely genuine.

5. Who is the best player you played on the same team as?

The best player I’ve played with so far is probably Joe Schroeder. Not only is he a fantastic rugby player, but he is always willing to help out and truly makes me feel comfortable on the pitch.

6. What was your favourite moment in your career?

My favorite rugby moment so far was participating in the 2019 Pan American Games. It was my first opportunity to represent the United States as an Eagle. I felt honored to represent USA rugby, my country, and my family’s name.

7. Who was your childhood idol?

My childhood idol was my dad. He didn’t play rugby but he dedicated his time to whatever sport I found myself in. Whether he tossed the ball with me or shot baskets with me, he was always willing to make me a better athlete and a better man. I still admire his work ethic today.

8. What’s the first thing you are going to do when the lockdown restrictions are lifted?

The first thing I am going to do when all this is over is have a big barbecue at my house with all of my friends! I can’t wait for that!