Ben Harris (England Rugby 7's)

Ben Harris.jpg

Ben made his international debut in May 2018 and his HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series debut in March 2019. His impressive first full campaign included being named in the HSBC World Rugby Sydney Sevens Dream Team.

1. How are you keeping fit during lockdown? (Have your coaches set you a program or do you get to decide?)

We’ve been sent through a program by the strength and conditioning staff to follow as we wish for the next month or so. We’re using this time as the ‘off season’ so we can train different areas to what we normally focus on in the season.


2. What are you missing most during lockdown?

I'm missing seeing friends, playing rugby and seeing the other boys from 7s.


3. Which country (or place) do you most enjoy touring in rugby?

Vancouver is probably my favourite stop on the tour so far. Really nice city and amazing stadium.


4. Who is the best player you’ve played against? (Who did you struggle to stop?)

Carlin Isles. I won’t forget when he did me in Cape Town to score an absolute cracker!


5. Who’s the best player you’ve played on the same team as?

Dan Norton. Learnt so much from him and taught him how to play Call of Duty in return.


6. What has been your favourite moment in your rugby career so far?

Probably winning the Olympic Qualifier in Colomier 2019. It’s the only time I’ve won a tournament with England and it meant so much more as we qualified for Tokyo.


7. Who was your childhood idol?

Didn’t really have one!


8. What’s the first thing you are going to do when the lockdown restrictions are lifted?

Go and see my mates for a catch up and a laugh! Think we all need a bit of a release after this whole situation.